Lindsey + Ian

Lindsey and Ian’s big day finally arrived on the 15th of October 2022 at the incredible Hoghton Tower, a Lancashire venue with over a thousand years of history. We were delighted to act as their wedding videographers for the day, and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful space to film in. The old stone walls with their centuries of history looked down on the friends and family of the the bride and groom as they arrived, and we were able to get some fantastic footage of the flags flying over the crenellations atop the main tower. This would be our way in to the final video, we reckoned.

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The grand and lavish Banqueting room would serve as the main space for the day, with the Wedding Ceremony taking place just after 1pm. As fellow fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the bride and groom had added tiny touches around the décor, including hidden Groot figures, cast and painted by Lindsey’s own hand, as well as cufflinks and bouquet clasps featuring tiny Arc Reactors from the Iron Man series in memory of the late Tony Stark (gone but not forgotten). These elements gave us a huge amount of rich detail to get in close to, and really helped to inject some personality and character into the final wedding highlights video, and we can’t thank them enough for going to this extra effort.

In addition, some astoundingly beautiful room décor was provided by The Gilded Lily, including flowers, table decorations and some wonderful velvet pumpkins that really suited not only the October setting, but also the Hogwarts-esque (Hogwartian?) vibe of the grand banquet hall itself.

We set up for both tripod and handheld video before the ceremony, and were able to capture some gorgeous moments as Lindsey arrived looking stunning in a bespoke gown provided by My Dream Dress Penwortham, with hair and makeup by Gemma Marie Make-up. She looked absolutely stunning.

Ian’s best man Ben was accompanied by his wife and their daughter Sophia – the cutest kid you’ll ever see – and we knew from the first moment we saw her that she was going to feature heavily in the final wedding video. Soooo cute!! She spent the majority of the wedding ceremony bowling the pumpkins that lined the seating aisles towards the bride and groom, and left a delightful minefield of root vegetables for the happy couple to negotiate as they walked back down the aisle as man and wife. Good on you, Sophia!!!

Post ceremony, the guest relaxed in the smoking room (in name only) while we went outside with Ian and Lindsey for some group shots. The assembled guests were fantastically willing and game for playing at posing in different combinations, and ruthlessly organized when it came time to line up for the confetti shot! Lindsey and Ian looked great as they breezed down the line, and the footage we got from it was absolutely fantastic – Ian even managed to shrug it off when a huge ball of barely dispersed confetti was launched right into his unsuspecting face at point blank range.

Before long, we were back in the Banquet hall setting up to capture the speeches before the wedding breakfast. Luckily, one of the venue staff caught Matt eying up the large balcony that overlooked the scene and kindly allowed him to head up there with a tripod to get a fantastic overhead shot of the proceedings.

Ben’s speech was a particular highlight, and had people laughing and crying in equal measure (and as we always say: whether you’re laughing or crying, please do it towards the camera 🤣).

We were able to get some fun shots of Carey Events‘ Magic Mirror just before the guests filtered back for the evening do, and we had such a lovely time chatting with various guests while the room was being prepared. Such a lovely bunch of friends and family!

During the first dance, a camera we’d forgotten about captured some accidentally fantastic footage of Ian and Lindsey, and later their guests dancing the night away – with the Sony A7sIII’s incredible face detection doing a fantastic job of focussing on anyone who wandered into it’s field of view. Along with our handheld footage, which formed the backbone of the late part of the wedding video, and before we left, we were invited to take home one of a number of incredibly lifelike trees – also hand made by Lindsey – home with us. It’s in the front room right now!

Thank you so much to Lindsey and Ian for making us feel so welcome, and to their daughter Emily for plying us with wedding cake as we headed for home!!

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