This is us. 


Two best friends, met 13 years ago, fell in love and formed a band!

Back in 2018 while trying to take a more creative approach to our branding, we fell in love with creating our own music videos; investing our time into creating high quality video and audio that would help us grow as a business and, In the process, fell into a new creative calling: videography and photography!  

Whether working as cheshire wedding videographers and creating wedding films for our couples, or shooting a music video with musicians and bands… it’s the most rewarding feeling to take that raw, random footage and turn it into something that connects with the viewer on an emotional level – and doing it with your soulmate is even better!


OUR Creative Style

Our approach to wedding videography is relaxed and fun, being in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking so we do everything we can to make sure you have the most fun when shooting with us. We’re not gear-heads, we have a lightweight and handheld ‘run and gun’ approach to filming weddings. That way we can focus on capturing the most important moments for you to relive for years to come. 

let’s make creative magic…

Fun Facts About US

1. We’ve been planning our own wedding for years, but there’s always one more edit that needs attention!

2. Matt started life as an actor in theatre and TV, while Soph cut her teeth as a vocalist and musician abroad and in the UK.

3.  We love watching our old videocam ‘masterpieces’ from when we were little, such stars in the making! 😉

4. We’re HUGE animal lovers, and if you bring your dog to the wedding, we’re almost certainly going to devote 10 percent of our time filming them… and probably another 5 percent to just scuffling around in the grass too, be prepared! 

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