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Our time spent performing live as musicians puts us in a unique position to deliver high quality music video production and promo, whether performed live or using playback. We understand what needs to be seen and when, we’re extra finicky about making sure audio and video syncs perfectly (there’s nothing more annoying that seeing a guitar string strummed three frames before you hear it!).

We pay attention to the music, so that our camera movements serve the song in the best way possible and whether you’re going for a simple, stripped back acoustic singer/songwriter performance, or a full band setup, we have the knowledge and enthusiasm to bring it to life for you.
A kickass video for your band or show is worth a thousand cold emails.

The Wholehearted Band

Mitch, Luke & Jack from The Wholehearted performed their new song ‘Sparrows’ live at This Green Moon in Leeds.

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the rock 'n' soulers

The rock ‘n’ Soulers performing an epic rock wedding set at Broadoaks country house in Windermere. 


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